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One of the student was asked not to join the private MBA college and, instead, was advised to drop one more year to get selected in a top rated MBA college. It was well received and that did happen next year! One of her clients, the owner of an engineering and management college, was getting the bribe calls from some unidentified people and threatened with shutdown of the college on malicious grounds.

Rooma told the client not pay any money and simply switch off the phone. Client was asked to perform certain remedies and a date was given when these people would be identified. With some dramatic turn of events, the culprits were identified on that very date, one of which was the employee of the client.

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Google Plus Twitter Facebook. Rooma Mehra. Shri Dharmraj Balkrishna Joshi is one of the most distinguished astrologers in India. With over a decade of professional experience in astrology, Guruji has been advising people with his remarkable accurate astrological predictions. His precision at analyzing planetary positions and yogas, along with years of extensive knowledge, has helped many famous celebrities, politicians, businesspersons, actors and everyone, who has asked for his help.

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Guruji is one of the youngest astrologers in India. In astrology, Sun sign indicates your zodiac personality. On the other hand, Moon sign is the the second most important influence in horoscope chart after the Sun that represents emotions and inner mood. Sun sign is easy to determine through one's day and month of birth. I was unemployed from last 4 years and have serious personal issues with my wife during that period of time.

That moment Dharmraj Guruji helped me out and my life took an amazing turn in positive direction.

All thanks to him. Whatever and wherever I used to invest in, always went in vain. I have suffered huge losses and didn't know what to do anymore then Guruji helped me alot and my life has changed alot since then and now I run a really great business with the help of Guruji and blessings of God. I had some serious issues with my wife. Guruji's remedies helped me alot in bringing happiness back to my life and helped me to take my life back on the track. With the blessings of god and help of guruji, I am doing well in my life.

I was under depression because my business graph was going downward on daily basis. Someone recommended me to ask Guruji for the solutions of my problems.

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His solutions really helped me alot and I can actually see my business graph going upward gradually. I was suffering from marriage related issues since years and I was around 32 when I met Guruji Dharmraj. He gave me some remedies to solve this problem and today, Fortunately, I am happily married with a settle guy and now, raising two children. I was facing problems in getting married because of some Manglik problems.

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His simple remedies help me to solve these issues and I am happily married since last two years. All thanks to Guruji for his remedies and suggestions. So what? Tiger always takes 2 steps back before leaping towards prey successfully We wait for you!! Good luck!!! Make us proud again and again Thats the main reason for the success of isro because they count, calculate and observe every minute of their mission.

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