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We get some good relationship advice, and some even better book recommendations, plus we talk about our favorite lawyer narratives. Sexton, Esq. It tackles the Black experience in America, consumerism, mental health and many other pressing issues of our day. There are spoilers on today's episode, but if you haven't read the book yet, check out our conversation with author Adjei-Brenyah on The Short Stacks instead.

We talk about his genre-bending short story collection, how the title and cover came to be, and what its like being part of this current moment of exciting and diverse fiction writing. Its time for another episode of The Stacks. We talk about how TV shows are written, white savior narratives, and connecting with the emotional truth of a story. Plus, we're joined by Wade's chatty dog Tika. It is also this week's pick for The Stacks Book Club. We talk about transracial adoptions, adoption mythology, and expectations versus reality.

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There are spoilers this week, listen at your own risk, or check out The Short Stacks feature author Nicole Chung, which is spoiler free. The book addresses her transracial adoption, her decision to find her birth family, and becoming a mother. Nicole shares with The Stacks the chaotic setting in which she wrote the book, why she felt compelled to tell her story, and much more. MartinThe Mistress's Daughter by A. Holmes"The Mistress's Daughter" A. We also talk about micro-aggressions , dark and twisty memoirs, and some of Vanessa's favorite books about adoption.

We talk redefining success in relationship to parenthood, intellectualizing religion, and Rap music as teacher. There isn't a lot to spoil this week, so listen and enjoy. On today's episode of The Short Stacks we're joined by Anita Devlin, who co-wrote the story of her son's addiction in a joint memoir entitled S. Anita's journey through her son's and co-author addiction and recovery inspired her not only to write this book, but also to become an advocate and support for others dealing with the reaches of addiction.

We discuss her transformation from mother to activist and to author. The Stacks received S. Josh talks with us about acting, how reading fits into his life as a dad, and we go off on a tangent into sports biographies. Get ready for some good book recommendations and a lot a laughs. Pictures "Ep. Home Fire is a modern retelling of Antigone set against the backdrop of fear and anti-Muslim sentiments in modern day London.

Shamsie won the Women's Prize for Home Fire in , and we totally understand why. We've got all the spoilers this week, so make sure to read the book first, then come back and listen. And with all The Short Stacks, there are no spoilers today, enjoy. We are joined by Tawny Newsome, a modern day renaissance woman.

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Tawny is known for her work as an actress, comedian, and podcaster. She is the co-host of the Yo, is this Racist? Tawny talks with us about racism through her lens as a comedian, reading all the travel memoirs even the bad ones , and what Leonardo Dicaprio movie is also one of her most beloved books. Plus all the book lady comedian memoir recommendations you can handle, so get your TBRs ready.

We receive a small commission when products are purchased through links on this website, and this comes at no cost The book lays out four pillars to follow in order to live a happier and more free life. There are no spoilers today, so join us for this conversation on personal growth and self love. Its the last day of , and we're celebrating with our very own wrap up, New Year's Eve show. Lauren joins me to talk about each of our top five books from , and the five books we're most looking forward to in Get your TBR ready! We're getting you ready for your mind and body goals in , with our guest celebrity trainer Alec Penix.

It is a guided day program that focuses on food, sleep, exercise, and spirituality.

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We also discuss Alec's love of Self-Help Books, reading to learn, and some tips to get you through the holidays. Tanzi Ph. This week we discuss the book in detail, there are spoilers, however this book is less about plot and more about big ideas. Listen at your own discretion. Fields Jr. We're talking all things children's books this week on our mini episode with award winning author Jesse Byrd.

In addition to writing children's books, Jesse runs his own publishing house Jesse B Creative , and does children's book project management. We talk with Jesse about his writing process, working with an illustrator, and why it is important to tell stories that center children of color. You can find everything we talk about this week in the show notes below. By shopping through the links you help support The Stacks, at no cost to you.

Shop on Amazon and iTunes. Shopping through these links helps support the show, but does not effect my opinions on books and products. Today on The Stacks, our guest is actor, producer, and activist Behzad Dabu. We talk about plays that are great on the page, representation on screen, and his love of basketball books. Everything we talk about today can be found in the show notes, and shopping through those links earns The Stacks a small commission at no cost to you.

The book follows one woman, Haemi Lee, her life and relationships during and in the years following the Korean War. Our conversation covers what it means to survive, feminism, war stories, and more. Its time for our first ever Short Stack! These mini episodes will come out every other Monday, and feature a conversation with an author about their book and writing process. We are thrilled to have author Crystal Hana Kim for this inaugural episode. Crystal shares with us where the idea for this book came from, what it is like to hear from readers, and rituals she has around her writing.

Don't worry, there are no spoilers on any of the Short Stacks, listen and enjoy! This week on The Stacks our guest is author Aja Gabel. We also talk music prodigies and time machines, which is to say, we talk about a little of everything. Our conversation covers the entire book, which means there are a lot of spoilers. Go read the book and then come back and listen. We receive a small commission when products are purchased through links on this website. Butler Kindred by Octavia E.

Pictures Ep. When a mother, Amanda Stott-Smith, throws her two young children off of a bridge, one journalist tries to understand why. While the story of Stott-Smith and her children is true, if you're not familiar with the events there will be some spoilers on this week's episode. Warner Bros.

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In today's conversation we talk about Heather's James Beard vote, how finding a editor for a novel is like dating, and a book that made both of us very angry. Get ready, Heather is a prolific reader, your TBR will never be the same. For more information click This book was recently featured by Barack Obama on his Facebook page, as a book that speaks to the current moment in the United States. President Obama says it "is a useful primer on the importance of norms, institutional restraints and civic participation in maintaining a democracy - and how quickly those things can erode when we're not paying attention.

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There are no spoilers this week, instead you get a civics lesson with lots to discuss. This week we are joined by Harris Cohn. Harris' day job is in renewable energy, but his real super power is that he is an activist and organizer in his spare time. We talk this week about how Harris got interested in politics, how you can get involved in your local elections, and what SNL cast member Harris wants to write this life story.

We talk about the mind blowing story of biotech startup Theranos, and its founder Elizabeth Holmes. We talk about psychopaths, whistle blowers, and of course, this unbelievable story of abuse and fraud. There are spoilers this week, however the book is based on current events and we do not discuss anything that isn't out in the news.

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  4. You can find everything we talk about this week in the show notes below, and by shopping through the links you help support The Stacks, at no cost to you. And How It Got Caught. This week we are joined by author and journalist, Nancy Rommelmann. We receive a small We are joined by guest, Zeke Smith. Zeke is known for his time as a contestant on Survivor Survivor: Millennials vs. There are spoilers this week on the show. Listen at your own risk.

    Thank you to this week's sponsor Audible. The Stacks participates in affiliate programs in which we receive a small commission when products are purchased through some links on this website. This does not effect my opinions on books and products. Today on The Stacks we are joined by Zeke Smith. Zeke is a writer and trans activist who you may know best from his seasons on Survivor Survivor: Millennials vs.

    This week we talk reality TV fame, self-identification, and Zeke's favorite genre of books hint: its not wha you think. Use the our links to shop on Amazon and iTunes and The Stacks earns a small commission, its guilt free shopping. Hunger by Roxane Gay Ep. This week on the show, we have author and journalist Jo Piazza as our guest. Jo's most recent release isCharlotte Walsh Likes to Win, a novel about a woman running for senate in the midterm elections.

    Jo talks to us about her time as a journalist, challenges women face in running for office, and why she likes reading books that aren't new releases. Use the links to shop on Amazon and iTunes to help support The Stacks. This gritty novel tells the story of Romy, a young mother who has been incarcerated for two life sentences. We see Romy in her life leading to prison and the world behind bars with thousands of other women struggling to survive. There are spoilers this week, so please listen at your own risk.

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    We cover a lot of topics, and you can find links to everything in the show notes, below. Use the links when you shop on Amazon and iTunes to help support The Stacks. Our guest this week is Becca Tobin. Becca is most well known as an actress and a co-host of the podcast, Lady Gang. We cover a lot of topics this week, and its all in the show notes below.

    Use the links below when you shop on Amazon and iTunes to help support The Stacks. This episode is spent talking about the three major themes from the book: race, violence, and the Black body, and how those themes are ever present in American society. We cover a lot of topics, and you can find links to everything below, in the show notes. This week our guest is Jay Connor. Jay is a writer, and the creator and co-host of The Extraordinary Negroes podcast. Jay discuss his winding life path through many cities and many careers. We also talk about what books Jay is into and what writers he admires.

    The book is Rhimes' memoir on the year she decided to say yes to everything and use the power of yes to change her life. The book brings up topics surrounding the desire to be professionally successful and personally fulfilled. We talk about motherhood as a "job", the myth of doing it all, and if we would ever do our own Year of Yes. We talk in detail about the book, but this book doesn't really have spoilers.

    However, if you're wanting to go on Shonda's journey along with her, you should wait to listen until you've read the book. Ashley is most well known for being Kevin Hart's stylist and now she's sitting down with The Stacks to discuss reading. She talks about the not so glamorous parts of being a stylist, her daughters' love of books, and diversity in school reading curriculum. We cover a lot of topics this week, and its all down there in the show notes. We're talking about Reincarnation Blues by Michael Poore. In the book, Milo, a human who has been reincarnated almost 10, times, is on a quest for perfection and everlasting life.

    The book touches on a lot of social justice issues, Love, and of course Death. We talk about these themes, who we would cast in the TV show, and more. There are spoilers this week, if you plan on reading this book, wait to listen to the episode until you've finished. Lauren is a lover of books by and about unconventional women, she reads for joy, and she's not scared of a big sad book.

    We talk about Lauren's reading habits, what books she's looking forward to reading, and how books help her to see the world differently. Here are links to all the things we dicsussed this week on the show. Butler Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler Parable of the Talents by Octavia E.

    Thank you to this week's We talk about how habits work, the habits we want to change, and we look at two current political movements as habit formers in the community. While we do discuss many examples from the book in this episode, we don't really spoil anything, as this is a non-fiction book without any plot twists or turns. So feel free to enjoy it, even if you've yet to read the book.

    Everything we talk about this week is in the show notes below. We're excited to welcome Ross Asdourian to our show this week. We don't just talk about Ross' unmentionables, we also talk about the process of writing your own book, self-publishing, and more. Of course Ross is also answering all of your favorite The Stacks questions. You can find a list of all the things we discuss this week right here. This book takes a look at the world's most popular sport, and how changes in the social and political landscapes are mirrored on the pitch.

    With The World Cup in full swing, we discuss racism in soccer, we hypothesize as to why Americans aren't that into the sport, and we encourage you to pick a team and start rooting. We are more focused on contextualizing the socio-political climate in soccer today, and how that relates to the book. Here is a list of all the things we discuss on this week's episode. Ep This week we're joined by Aaron Dolores, founder of Black Arrow FC, a lifestyle brand that focuses on the intersection of soccer and Black culture.

    The World Cup starts tomorrow, so we're talking about Soccer and how it relates to the Black experience. We also discuss story telling in the Black community, when reading doesn't come so easily, and how challenges in your reading life can effect your relationship to books. Check out everything we discuss right here in the show notes. This week we're talking about New Boy by Tracy Chevalier.

    New Boy is part of the Hogarth Shakespeare series, in which modern day authors retell Shakespeare's classic works. We talk about this book in comparison to its source material, where Chevalier's book wins and where it misses. Vella talks about reading as an actor, examining scripts for clues to her character's inner workings, and being a good scene partner. We also talk about why it doesn't matter how you read, it just matters that you pick up a book and get started. Check out all the books, plays, and movies Traci and Vella discuss right here in the show notes. Those who missed the deadline will see the License appear within 72 hours of linking accounts.

    Rockstar has announced the addition of the new, free RDO membership program. Club, players are automatically enrolled in the program by playing RDO between Sept. Rockstar also announced the arrival of The Outlaw Pass, a new Rank-based progression system 70 Ranks total which allows players to earn unique rewards. For more information on club rewards, visit the Rockstar Club Rewards page. Rockstar announced more activities, including Legendary Bounties, weekly maps with special collectible sets, new bonuses, gifts, and more will be revealed in the weeks to come.

    Club, players are automatically enrolled in the program, which awards members as they accumulate XP and Role XP. The Club Membership period lasts from Sept. Rockstar also announced The Outlaw Pass, a new Rank-based progression system 70 Ranks total which allows players to earn unique rewards.

    Players who unlock all 70 Ranks of The Outlaw Pass during the membership period will earn a total of 35 Gold Bars , effectively negating the cost of the Pass. Club, membership in The Outlaw Pass lasts from Sept. Each Role will unlock certain exclusive skills and items as it increases in Rank, and unlocking new Role Ranks will award Role Tokens, which can be redeemed for special Role-specific abilities, upgrades, and more. The Bounty Hunter.

    Bounty Hunters will pick up additional jobs at Bounty Boards in key locations , which will task them with taking down criminals. Bringing them in alive grants a bonus, and bounties will be split among if the Bounty Hunter is in a Posse. Once the player has surpassed Rank 12, Bounty Hunters will be able to hunt other players in timed pursuit encounters. Traders will partner with Cripps and work together to make the Cripps Trading Company a success.

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    Traders will hunt animals and complete Resupply Missions to gather materials , which can then be sent to Cripps, who will turn them into sellable items. Once the merchandise has been created, Traders can send the items out for delivery to make a profit. The further away the delivery, the higher the payout, but the bigger the risks. Traders will also need to defend their camps from raids, manage transporting materials with specialized carts, and more.

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    The Collector will travel the world to find Tarot cards, buried treasure, heirlooms, and other valuables , which are scattered across the West. Ranking up grants special enhanced treasure-hunting skills, tools, and more. This week in Red Dead Online , Rockstar announced players will receive double the Gold when completing Daily Challenges , extra Showdown rewards, and more. This week in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online , Rockstar announced players will receive bonus rewards for participating in Land of Opportunities missions, discounts on Ability Card upgrades, and more. This week in Red Dead Online , Rockstar announced players will receive discounts on horses and horse-related items , a free Horse Care Package, bonuses for linking their accounts to Twitch Prime, and more.

    This week in Red Dead Online , Rockstar announced players will receive rewards for completing a set number of Daily Challenges , bonuses for linking their accounts to Twitch Prime, and more. This week in Red Dead Online , Rockstar announced players will receive discounts on a variety of weapons , bonus Free Roam Mission rewards, a new emote, and more.

    This week in Red Dead Online , Rockstar announced the final week to receive bonuses for hitting Rank 10 and Rank 20, along with a new series playlist. Details on the entire update are below:. This week in Red Dead Online , Rockstar has announced a bonus for all players who have hit rank 10 and above. Details on the new mode are below:. Details can been found below:. Today's update marks the beginning of a more consistent update cycle for the Red Dead Online beta.