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Charts from the group help to illustrate what motivates those who choose to become astrologers. The unconscious dynamics of the astrological session are then discussed, particularly the projections which occur between astrologer and client transference and countertransference , as well as the deeper psychological reasons - both positive and negative - which impel individuals into taking on the role of the helper. For a profession which spends so much time in trying to connect to the deeper meaning of actions - spiritual or psychological depending on one's viewpoint - it has always been a surprise to me how little literature there is analysing our own motives for becoming astrologers and how we relate to our clients.

From the first time our own or another's chart suddenly 'comes alive' for us we know that we are playing with magic of some sort or another. We know that this is more than just marks on paper, and in stepping outside of the mundane we hopefully touch issues which can be of great import for both the client, the astrologer, and, maybe, the collective.

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This should not be taken lightly. The latest CPA publication though the numbering seems to have gone a little awry, this Vol. The format is, as usual for this series, a transcript of live seminars, with the disadvantage that there is no methodology in the astrological material covered lovers of astrological cookbooks should stop here! However this is far outweighed by the immediacy of real people obviously discussing issues which are important to them.

Juliet Sharman-Burke's section on astrological counselling starts with the most basic of themes, the consultation room, advertising and referrals, charging fees, all so important and so often neglected. Even if you have found working practices which you are comfortable with, this section still contains much of value. Finding out that other astrologers have also had to dare to ask the same questions is both reassuring and challenging to a methodology which may have become a habit. From there Ms Sharman-Burke moves on to communication skills and the internal dynamics of a consultation - transference and countertransference.

Which leads to Liz Greene's section, from which this volume takes its name. Her views on the training and responsibilities of astrologers are well known, and those who do not agree with her will find no comfort here, though she does at one stage admit she is being deliberately provocative. She does, however, give some reasons for her belief that astrologers should themselves go through a process of therapy or psychoanalysis, and links this with the position which we have been 'forced' to take by the collective, and hence by many of our clients. Despite the fact that this seminar also apparently deals with the position of the astrologer both within the 'helping professions', society in general and in the consultation room, it still succeeds - in Ms Greene's customary style - in bringing up personal issues of deeper import.


A fascinating consideration of the archetypal background of astrology leads to the analysis of several charts of astrologers - and a virulent 'non-astrologer'! Finally there is a group discussion on the issues which brought the participants to astrology in the first place and the suggestion that it is of value to study the transits and progressions in operation when any astrologer first begins to consider their art seriously - an exercise which is so blindingly obvious it is likely that few of us have done it; this book is worth getting simply for some of the comments in this section alone.

As an added bonus there are a number of footnotes for further reading, outside astrology but within psychology, which are well wroth following up. Their intent is to protect clients from paying fees for advice that is worthless or even harmful; and to discourage itinerant fortune-tellers such as Roma or Gypsies from working in local communities.

Ray Grasse: Astrology and the Great Ages

Similar laws still exist in various jurisdictions at the state and local level in the United States. They sometimes seek to regulate fortune-telling without naming astrology specifically, yet predictive and horary astrology could easily fall under their definitions. Their underlying message is that some astrologers knowingly defraud clients, and even that astrology as a whole is a fraudulent practice if taken seriously. Anti-fraud regulations set up a serious ethical dilemma for astrologers.

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Although most astrologers would condemn charlatans, the implication of the laws is that expert professional astrologers should declare their work to be for amusement purposes only, even if they know otherwise. One of the most famous court cases of astrology and fraud involved the American astrologer Evangeline Adams.

In a landmark case before the California Supreme Court the court ruled that astrology was protected under the constitutional right to free speech, just as the predictions of investment counselors and pollsters, however erroneous, were protected. As a means of limiting the ability of unscrupulous or unqualified astrologers to harm clients and thereby damage the reputation of the profession as a whole, several professional astrological associations developed their own credentialing examinations and ethics codes.

In general, astrology ethics codes are similar to modern versions of the Hippocratic Oath, named for the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. The Difference Between Astronomy and Astrology Some may find it easy to confuse astronomy and astrology. Examples of astrology in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Now, the meme has been used for plenty of subjects, ranging from astrology and fashion to Taylor Swift songs and YouTube personalities.

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Warner Bros. Holst wrote his planetary symphony in the s, after a friend introduced him to astrology.

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First Known Use of astrology 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 2. Learn More about astrology. Resources for astrology Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Is It 'Astrology' or 'Astronomy'? The difference is written in the stars.

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Dictionary Entries near astrology astrologistic astrologize astrologous astrology astrometeorological astrometeorologist astrometeorology. Time Traveler for astrology The first known use of astrology was in the 14th century See more words from the same century. English Language Learners Definition of astrology. Kids Definition of astrology.

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