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But a sailor recovered the stone and then sold it to a trader who after being informed about its malefic nature returned it back to Edward Heron-Allen. Having suffered its consequences, Edward decided to deposit the Khooni Neelam in a bank.

He covered the stone and used seven boxes to conceal it. He then deposited it in the bank with a note stating that the box must not be opened till 3 years after his death. The stone was then donated by his daughter to Natural History Museum NHM along with the written note of Heron-Allen to warn people about its disastrous effects.

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Presently, this stone is with the NHM London. Every gemstone has certain energies and radiations. For some people, one gem can have really amazing effects, while for others it can prove to be extremely disastrous. It is extremely important to Talk To Astrologer before deciding on wearing a gemstone. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website Learn more.

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Thailand is also a source of blue sapphire. These are very popular due to its affordability and high quality. Bangkok blue sapphires are suffered from heating process to enhance their color, quality and transparency. Apart from heating, any other treatment is not acceptable.

Purple Sapphire (Khooni Neelam)

You can directly order genuine quality blue sapphires of Sri Lanka and Thailand. We are able to provide best quality sapphires to our customers at a reasonable price. So many people are unaware of this fact that all sapphires are not natural and genuine. Generally, natural sapphires are found in the water or ground but synthetic stone is created in a laboratory.

You can do few tests to know that blue sapphire stone is natural or real or not. Breath test : you can do breathe test to judge natural sapphire. Try the scratch test and shine a light in a stone to check a fake gemstone. Always ask the jeweler or gemstone seller that what type of gem he is selling you.

Take a stone and fog it up. Now see how long it takes to start fading, natural gemstones fog clears up in one or two seconds. Magnifying glass : this will also help you to check whether your stone is genuine or not. To inspect the sapphire always use at least 10 x magnifications. If there are some small blemishes or specks in stone then it means your stone is real. In astrology, it is believed that the middle finger of right hand is ruled by Saturn.

And blue sapphire is the stone of Saturn, therefore it should be wear in the middle finger of your right hand. This finger is also known as Madhyama in Hindi. As per Vedic astrology, the area below the madhyama finger is called shani parvat or mount of Saturn. This area is also ruled by the Saturn planet. Blue sapphire ring should be wear in the middle finger of your right hand on Saturday morning or evening.

Blue Sapphire Benefits, Procedure of wearing Neelam Gemstone

Every gemstone is measured in the unit of ratti. The price of gemstone increases with the size of stone or ratti. The price of sapphire is expressed as per ratti. Choosing the weight of gemstone is dependent upon various factors like body weight of the wearer, quality of the stone, the stone should be touched the skin or in contact with skin and stone should not make any problem in your regular lifestyle.

Generally, carat is most widely worn and below the 4 carat stone are too small to make contact with skin. One should wear 3 to 6 carats blue sapphire. Ceylon blue sapphires are best in quality. To get astrological benefits, one should wear Neelam in weight of ratti. Apart from that the weight of the stone also depends upon the weight of the wearer. If you want to clean your gemstone or Blue sapphire ring at home then dip it into lukewarm water and after few minutes rub it gently with hands to remove stains or dirtiness from it completely.

You can use the soft toothbrush to remove stains. One should use the soft cotton cloth to clean the stone. This process can be done every month.

Raktamukhi Neela | Khooni Neelam Stone | Gemstone Universe Jewelry Bangalore

To purify your blue sapphire stone, remove the ring or sapphire pendant and dip it in sacred gangajal. In Saturday morning, chanting the mantra of shani dev - Aum sham shanaish charaay namah. After this, you can wear a ring or pendant. One should recite the mantra at times. This stone can wear by any zodiac sign who wants to strengthen Saturn in their horoscope. Capricorn and Aquariums can wear blue sapphire without any hesitation as these zodiacs are ruled by Saturn.

Yes, you can wear a Neelam stone in your engagement ring.

Its power activates automatically after wearing gemstones because we already recite the mantras of its ruling planet. Color and appearance of the stone are dependent upon its origin and treatment performed on it.

Khooni Neelam, Blue Neelam & Pitambari Neelam

In astrology terms, color is not important. You cannot get the better results only if the color of the stone is dark. Always purchase a stone which comes with a lab certificate. Do not trust the local astrologers to determine the quality of blue sapphire or any other stone. Deep blue sapphires are considered high and best quality of Neelam stone.

Kashmiri blue sapphires are best known for their quality and effect. One should buy Kashmiri Neelam but their price is quite high as they are extremely rare. Select Currency INR. Home Neelam Stone can remove the malefic effects of Sade Sati. Neelam Stone can remove the malefic effects of Sade Sati.

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