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Truthstar Libra Tarot Monthly Reading predicts what the tarot cards hold of Libra for your Tarot monthly horoscope in this month. Truthstar provides Free Tarot.

Trusted Psychic Mediums. Libra people are generally known for being great decision-makers. This is very easy to see. They tend to weigh both sides of the equation very carefully and meticulously to make a truly informed decision. They often take their time to come to a decision. However, you do have an emotional side.

This emotional side is very reactive and it can often undermine the quality of your decisions. Lovers born on October 18 th are considered to be the ideal lovers. Ideal lovers are, of course, people who are responsible and sensitive to the needs of their partners, but are also unpredictable. In other words, they have the complete package.

To top it all off, they are also great listeners. Instead of introducing unnecessary drama into your relationships, this element actually increases the quality of your romantic relationships. Those born on October 18 make for great counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, analysts, auditors, and any other job that requires listening.

As you are a great listener by default, you know how to give people proper space. September , November Powerful, tumultuous attraction —you are aware of the distinct differences between you, but may be drawn to each other because of the simultaneous awareness of a need and a lack. January , February March 3, May June 3, July , August September 4, October , December Creative, communicative, inspiring, and spiritually rewarding connections. Each birthday of the year is associated with a main playing card, the Birth Card , and each tells its own story.

The card associated with your birthday is the Four of Clubs. You are practical, yet also enthusiastic when you see something you like. You possess people skills, but you are also able to be direct when necessary. Open to new ideas and visions, you also have your feet firmly planted on the ground, so you always consider the viability of any endeavor carefully. You are filled with quality advice for others, and others turn to you often.

Your love card is the Jack of Spades. You are attracted to youthful, confident, and dynamic lovers. However, you might often find yourself attracted to people who resort to trickery or other dubious activity. I enjoyed your site and found it to be very informative and interesting, I would like to know if you can add January 24th to your site. I really like this, it really tells about me!

I just wish that you could update the and more information! Hey, thnX!!! Sounds very liable and true!!!

Some more info would be appreciated!!! Thanks alot 4 d info… I really appreciate it cos 2day is my birthday. Gave this link to a friend who had a birthday yesterday.

October 18 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

I found it really interesting to read about her and the profile s really matched! Really interesting site — and free! Everything mentioned really was spot on when describing me! I wish there was more to read; intriguing…. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. If Today is Your Birthday: October Eighteenth Personality Profile for People Born on October 18 The following descriptions reveal some of the characteristics of people who share a birthday—those who are born on October 18th of any year—based on various methods used in Astrology and Numerology.

Your Personality Profile: You are a very fair person who is also determined and hard-working. Martina Navratilova, born October 18, Tennis player. At the very end of a sign just before changing signs , individuals may make life-changing, impulsive decisions. Birthday Forecast for You is a Number Three year for you. January 16, Born October January 23, Born November Crysten Novak Posted October 16, am 0 Likes.

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October 18 Zodiac – Accurate Birthday Personality Horoscope

There are 30 degrees in every sign, adding up to a perfect circle containing degrees. This concept of sign cusps is a misnomer because, even if you were born on a day when the Sun changed signs, the math will be clear: your Sun will be in one sign or the other. Relating to the sign before or after your Sun sign cannot be explained because you were born on this cusp. Your Sun sign is potent, clear and bright: he knows who he is supposed to be. So, for example, if you were born on the Aries-Taurus cusp, a correct Astrology chart cast for the date, time, and location of your birth will reveal clearly whether your Sun is at the final degree of Aries or the first degree of Taurus.

If you were born when the Sun was traveling through the final degree of Aries, but can relate to Taurus qualities, it is most likely due to the fact that Mercury, Venus, Mars, your Moon, or even your Rising sign are in Taurus.

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  • But your Sun cannot be two signs. He is not having an identity crisis While most astrologers and Astrology enthusiasts will agree with this idea, there are many individuals born on the cusp who believe that they inexplicably exert a heavy blend of both zodiac signs. For those of you who identify with your cusp or are intrigued by cusps in general, we encourage you to explore and learn about each cusp and the different ways that these energies work together!